John Lovato, Jr.

What training really does

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Have you ever just sat back and realized that things just happen for a reason?

We normally do not realize it in the moment.

Lets say you want a promotion and it doesn't happen. You are bummed in the moment but then you appreciate the fact you got to spend more time in that position becoming better.

I've been having alot of these situations happen lately.

I was turned down for a shift training position but the same week I got asked to lecture at a well known fire conference.

This past year I have had quite a few opportunities not pan out as I expected.

These failed opportunities ended up leading me on a better path though.

So try not to get wrapped up on what you think you're suppose to do.

Focus on where you are at and what you are able to do.

When a door shuts, break out a window......

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​​What training really does

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