John Lovato, Jr.

What my best days consist of

publishedabout 1 year ago
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​Have you ever just jotted down what you did in a day?
This is a good way to see where you spend your time.
After awhile you may start to notice trends.
Trends that produce a good day and trends that produce a bad day.
Once you notice these trends you can consciously strive to replicate those good days.
Its kinda like a recipe.
Once you have a good recipe that produces an amazing meal, you can reproduce it anytime you want.
This is exactly what you can do with your days.
I have found that some weightlifting and jiu jitsu always puts me in a relaxed mood all day.
I talk about this more in this weeks podcast.
Check it out below

​​What my best days consist of

Lesson of the day: Action is what makes the difference. Questions Answered: 1) How to engage all ages of members at training. 2) Weak leadership in higher ranks

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