John Lovato, Jr.

Keep It Simple

publishedabout 1 year ago
1 min read

​I had a Captain who used to say "if it was easy, someone else would've done it already".

Thats why alot of important things have not been done yet. Its hard. Most seem to go for low hanging fruit type projects.

So don't get discourage.

Its human nature to do what's easy.

That is why it is so important to keep plans simple.

The more complex something is, the less likely it will happen.

You can come up with the perfect plan but if its too complicated then whats the point.

Keep plans simple. Its even better if the people who have to perform the plan come up with a plan.

So here's a simple plan.

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Talk soon,


​​Keep It Simple

Lesson of the day: Make what you want as convenient as possible Questions Answered: 1) Bridging the gap between the “old” guys and the “young” guys 2) new training ideas for my members

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