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its family week

publishedover 1 year ago
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Its been back to reality after being off for a week with the family.

I learned that my best days are the ones that I structure.

Which means we didn’t just sit around.

We had actionable items planned and we executed on them.

We kept a schedule.

On those days I felt accomplished.

On days we just hung out, I felt like something was missing.

This translates to all parts of my life.

I need to be better about sticking to my schedules.

I cannot speak for everyone but this is a recurring theme I see in my own life.

So check out this weeks episode to hear about it.

I also some questions recently asked in our facebook group.

- John Lovato, Jr.

245: Its family week


Plan Your Day otherwise, you'll lose your day.


  1. 1. Being the low man and having to train myself without the knowledge to do so.

2. Greatest challenge for you Once the times go off?

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