John Lovato, Jr.

give it meaning

publishedover 1 year ago
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I was reviewing some highlights from books I've read in the past.

This quote really jumped out at me so I'd like to share it today.

The meaning of life is meaning: whatever it is, wherever it comes from, a unified purpose is what gives meaning to life.

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

My takeaway from this is to do what you love.

Most likely, what you love doing gives you meaning.

This is why so many become passionate about this job. Its a meaningful job.

Its also why its important to have hobbies.

I say this because this career has an expiration date for all of us.

I've seen a few people struggle when they retire from the fire service.

It was their everything.

I do not think I've shared this before, but when I got married people wondered if I could make a marriage work.

You see the firehouse was everything to me.

Some were concerned that I would put the job first and my marriage wouldn't last.

Getting married and having children taught me that I was fortunate to love what I do but the job was not everything.

My family was everything.

I also learned the importance of hobbies and how they help to add meaning to our lives.

Now when I'm not at work, I'm focusing on getting better at jiu jitsu or planning a fishing trip.

I feel we always need to find purpose. Its like focusing on a new mission when one ends.

My fire service mission will end in the next 7-12 years.

I'm already planning my next mission.

What will yours be?