John Lovato, Jr.

4 Rules

published11 months ago
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​Well I dropped the ball for a bit here.

The weekly podcasts and emails haven't happened in a few weeks.

I had some technical difficulties and also just feel behind.

This week COVID hit our household.

I'm still waiting for my smell and taste to come back.

It's a new year so what do you have planned for yourself?

I'm preparing for a Battalion Chiefs exam.

I have a whole bunch of projects around the house, like everyone else.

A variety of goals for this year.

So I'm trying to get everything organized and prioritized.

Talk soon,


4 Rules

Lesson of the day: Assume less and ask more questions. Questions Answered: 1) Confidence and teaching people that it’s okay to be into the job 2) sparking the passion I have, in my firefighters

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